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If you were affected by the novel of COVID-19 and were laid off from your work or became unemployed for this reason, you can receive employment insurance benefit for a certain period of time.

After your last day of work you have 4 WEEKS to apply for EI.

If you fall in this situation, we are able to help you to apply for EI by following the steps below:

1. Access the website: Canada.ca

2. Click on "Employment Insurance and leave"

3. Then, click on Regular benefits

4. Click on Apply

5. Click on the button, "Ready to start?"

6. Click on the next button, "Start Application"

7. Answer YES. If you are retrieving an application, click NO. You have 72 hours to finish it. 

8. Click on the option, Benefits for employment

9. A Reference code will show up. Write down your code and keep it safe. Click "no" on regular lay-off. 

10. Benefit type: Regular Benefits

11. Insert your identity infomation

12. Identity validation: check your personal information

13. Temporary password. Write it down and keep it safe.

14. Income tax information - Select what best describes your situation.

15. Direct deposit information - Have your banking information in hand.

16. Education information

17. Last employer information (if you don't remember, contact your employer).

18. Reason for separation

19. Rate of pay

20. Enter your job title that best describes your job description.

21. Record of Employment (ROE) from the last employer - Select the first option, if you are not self-employed.

22. Other employer - This is if you have/had a second job

23. Answer "NO" on this page - Information on QB Parental Insurance Plan

24. Worker's compensation payments - If you don't want to get money from WC, answer no. 

25. Pension information

26. Business relationship information - Usually you must answer No, to these questions.

27. Variable best weeks - Regular payment only. Do not consider over-time payments. 

28. Workforce history

29. Self-employment 

30. Farming information

31. Course or training 

32. Availability information - pregnancy

33. Third-party assistance

34. Rights and responsibilities: Pages 1 to 6 - Please read the information, accept the conditions and submit.

35. After you submit your application, print your confirmation page or save it on your computer.

36. Wait for a letter with a four digit number code. With this code, you will be able to do your biweekly report.

If you have any other question regarding your application or work related issues, you may contact us using the button below.

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