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Many things will be new to you when you arrive in a new community or new country. From finding a job and a house to learning the language and making new friends, you may find that there is a lot for you to do. But where do you start? How do you get all these done? 

The staff at Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS)  is pleased  to assist all newcomers with permanent resident status.  If you are a permanent resident, please bring along your PR card when you come to our office for services. If you’re new to the region, a settlement staff can help you to settle and become part of your new community. The settlement staff speak English, High & Low  German, Russian and Spanish.  

  Click here for the EIS brochure.

EIS Spotlight

Meet Sascha – a newcomer to Steinbach. Find out what happens when you NEVER GIVE UP.
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