English Skills

Communicating in English will help you to be successful at work and in your community.

You can learn anytime, anywhere! The world is your classroom.

English Learning Tips

1. Make everyone your teacher. Repeat what people say to you quietly to yourself.

2. Talk to people. You could talk about…. the weather (in Manitoba it’s okay to talk about the weather every day)…. the neighborhood…. your work…. your family etc.

3. Ask a workmate to join you for coffee break.

4. Volunteer – at the local thrift store, or your children’s school.

5. Watch television and movies and listen to the radio.

6. Use the library and borrow books.

7. Keep a journal. Write about your day, or memories of your country.

8. Write new words and expressions. Review them and use them.

9. Write a shopping list in English.

10. Try easy English recipes.

11. Use maps. Learn the names of the streets you use.

12. Speak English with your family a little bit each day.